The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre

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Social worker, Alishia Joseph comforting one of the victims.

A new found hope is what many abused women and children look for when they are harmed by the people that they love and trust the most and sadly not many of these abused victims are aware that there are helpful and kind-hearted souls that are ready to aid them in an instant.

The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre is a multi-cultural and multi-racial establishment that has been assisting victims of abuse since 2007 and providing temporary safe house shelter services for abused mothers and their children. There are three around the clock house mothers who are on the premises at any given time to see to the women and children’s needs as well as play the vital motherly role that is needed by women when they go through such trying times.

Many other services are also offered such as counselling, family therapy, practical support, trauma intervention, crisis management and many other services to assist the abused. Women are given shelter for a minimum of 24 hours up to three weeks depending on circumstances.

There is an ECD programme in place for mothers with young children and children who are of school going age are assisted into getting back to school and getting their lives back on track. Mothers are able to go out for interviews that are outsourced by the centre while children are taken care of by the house mothers at the centre.

The centre assists in the rehabilitation of women who have come from abusive backgrounds and that wish to change their lives from victims to self-sufficient survivors of adversity.

Offering group sessions, crime prevention and gender based violence programmes, the centre aims to educate women on their rights as well as offer them emotional advice and assistance through court proceedings.

Comfort packs that comprise of toiletries, clothes and shoes are provided to women due to most women fleeing their homes in a hurry for fear of their lives. These females are also given medical assistance if needed.

New hope is found for these women and at the centre and Social worker Alishia Joseph encourages women who are abused to seek help and to know their rights.

A 42-year-old survivor of an abusive relationship, spoke very highly of the centre. She said, “I came to the centre hurt and broken and in desperate need of assistance, and the people here at the centre helped me through my difficult time. While I was here I was at peace and found the emotional support I needed at the time. Being at the centre has changed my life for the better and I am now self-sufficient and independent all thanks to the centre and the people here that assisted me.”

Women and children who are abused and need assistance can contact the centre on 031 404-9523 and speak to social worker, Alishia Joseph. Break the silence and speak out against violence. Change your life for the better.