Volunteer Policy

Any persons wishing to volunteer their services to the organisation must abide by the following:

  1. They must be over the age of sixteen (16).
  2. If the volunteer is a scholar and if volunteer work is a school requirement  then a letter from the school must be produced informing the organisation of the hours the scholar is required  to
  3. If the volunteer is a scholar who is in grade eleven (1 I) or twelve (12) and volunteer work is required for University admission that said scholar is required to complete forty (40)  hours or more.
  4. If the volunteer is a member of the community that wants to provide a service to the organisation on a voluntary basis then the required hours the volunteer needs to complete is sixty (60)
  5. Donations sponsored to the organization will not be considered as volunteer services as persons volunteering their services have to be physically present for the respective supervisors to conduct their
  6. All volunteers need to keep record of their time which must be signed by the Supervisor in charge at the end of each day. Once the stipulated volunteer hours have been completed the said volunteer must receive a volunteer certificate from the Human Resource
  7. All volunteers must abide by the policies and procedures of the
  8. All persons offering their services in a voluntary capacity will not be entitled to any remuneration