The Benefit of Giving


Our volunteer Swami Gurubhaktananda penned his thoughts on the art of giving, please read his article below:

The Benefit of Giving

The mission statement of the ABH is “Caring, Sharing and Serving”. This ties up well with the principles of value-based education. What is the purpose of these three virtues? It is to Purify. “Purifying” is the essential purpose of our mission statement. All that the Home aims to achieve in this life for all who are engaged in its service activities, staff and residents alike, is to purify ourselves day by day, through every thought, word and deed, so that greater vistas may open up in our lives.

Great souls have given us many insights into the value of giving. They authenticate what the ABH is striving towards – excellence in virtue through sharing or giving. Their words inspire us to perform our sacred duty to GIVE, to SHARE. By following the enlightened ones of previous thriving civilisations, we can make our own civilisation equally glorious. If we imbibe their values we shall surely attain what they attained.

Our current lifestyle challenges can be greatly eased by practising the “Art of Giving”, the art of sharing.

We have a decision to make – to give or not to give. To give and share becomes the natural choice when we aim to ennoble our lives, even when the darkness of unrighteousness seems to envelop us. The saints of the past produced the literature of their time. If we live along the same lines, we will make our words and deeds worthy of being etched into the literature we write today.

Every sterling act of charity that we see or allow to flow through our minds, hearts and hands, ought to remind us of the preciousness of sharing.

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