The Aryan Benevolent Home’s Care for the Elderly

Respect, Dignity and Care

Many elderly people aren’t able to enjoy their golden years because they have been struck with the evils of poverty, isolation and disrespect. At the ABH, we have a number of facilities for the elderly and our homes are a haven of tranquillity, care and security.

Dayanand Gardens

Situated at our Chatsworth, Durban Headquarters, Dayanand Gardens is home to 320 aged, frail and physically and mentally challenged men and women.

Salligram Home for the Aged

A further 90 elderly people live in this second Chatsworth Home, which offers similar services to those of Dayanand Gardens.

Clayton Gardens Home for the Aged

Based in Asherville, Durban, this facility offers accomodation to 30 ambulant pensioners allowing them to live semi-independently, in close proximity to hospitals and other amenities.

ABH VJ Kara Centre Umzinto

10 elderly people live in this private residential facility which receives no State assistance. The ABH Branch Committee would dearly love to offer a more comprehensive service, but is challenged by financial restraints.

ABH VJ Kara Centre Glencoe

55 elderly people live in the ABH VJ Kara Centre in Glencoe. With the growing number of aged persons in the area, this branch is experiencing a huge demand for services.

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