The Lighthouse Performing Arts Centre

The Aryan Benevolent Home announces a brand new chapter in their illustrious history with the launching of The Lighthouse Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) at its home in 80 Arena Park Drive, Chatsworth.

The newly restored centre was the vision of acclaimed actor and playwright, Rajesh Gopie, who laid down the potential and importance of an arts venue to the ABH board.

The Lighthouse boasts a newly revamped 450-seater theatre. The Centre hopes to become a beacon of artistic light through the hosting of regular theatre, dance and music events featuring various local and foreign artists.

In the near future The Lighthouse Performing Arts Centre will also become home to the newly-established Youth Theatre Company aimed at training youth in the performing arts.

In addition to in-house productions the venue will be open for hire to community and professional artists wishing to host events and performances.

For further information please email or call 061 4777 208/031 404 7910.