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The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre offers hope to domestic violence survivors

The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre focuses on a variety of issues concerning society, such a crisis intervention, preventative programmes and awareness campaigns. Services provided by the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre include a temporary safe house, accommodation for women and their children, counselling and family therapy, practical support such as support groups, trauma intervention and crisis management, trauma debriefing and networking with other organisations. The ABH is a long-standing charity that offers care and shelter to the aged and frail, victims of violence and abuse, children and the mentally and physically challenged and is reliant on the generosity of donors to keep their residents in good care. The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre hopes that you will support the women and children that they care for by contributing towards their meals or providing toiletries. If you would like to contribute towards meals please email ashana@abh.co.za and if you would like to help in any other way please email kish@abh.co.za All forms of help are welcome and appreciated.

Nirode Bramdaw, ABH’s spokesman and board member said: “South Africa has some of the most shocking statistics of domestic violence in the world, particularly against women. The ABH VJ Kara Family Centre has been assisting victims of abuse since 2007. The Centre is a safe house for abused women and their children. On an annual basis, we help more than 300 women and children who need accommodation and assistance.
“One of our previous residents at the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre Annie Naidoo* endured beatings from her husband for almost 22 years‚ until he smashed a snooker ball in her face which resulted in her permanently losing the eye. The ABH helped *Annie regain her confidence and today she is a much stronger and happier woman, said Bramdaw, adding that she is now a successful and gainful member of her family and society.
Women and children who are abused and need assistance can contact the ABH VJ Kara Family Centre on 031 404 9523.

*Annie is not her real name.

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